Kazakhstan Reign Supreme at ATF 12&U Central Asia Regional Qualifying

ATF is starting the Asian Tennis Tour (ATT) once again from April 2019.

ATT will be a tour open only to the players having passport from 44 countries affiliatedot ATF. ATT will include both male and female categories. The tournaments below will refer to one category, either for Men or Women.

Tour Categories

  • US$ 3000 Closed national tournaments
  • US$ 3000 Open tournaments
  • US$ 6000 Open tournaments
  • US$ 10000 Open tournaments

Closed national tournaments aims to convert most of the current national tournaments into the Asian level of tournaments, where in the participation will be restricted to players from only the country where the tournament is taking place, and no overseas players will be permitted to participate. This will ensure that national players will get opportunity to play in international tournaments, while the competition will be restricted to domestic level. This will help in countries identify the domestic talent and further device a plan to promote this talent. These players will also find themselves figuring in Asian ranking and further motivating them with to move further in the ladder at international level.

However, there will be a restriction on number of USD3000 closed national tournaments a nation can host during a calendar year, which will be dependent on the number of votes the nation has.There will be no restriction on the number of open tournaments a nation can host.

ØØ 1 vote Nations-­‐ Maximum of 2 USD 3000 closed national tournaments.

ØØ 2 vote Nations-­‐ Maximum of 3 USD 3000 closed national tournaments.

ØØ 3 vote Nations-­‐ Maximum of 4 USD 3000 closed national tournaments.

Other open tournaments will be accepting players Pan Asia, without any restriction.

ØØ USD3000/ USD6000 tournaments will have only singles.

ØØ USD10000 tournaments will have both singles and double events. The doubles event shall have prize money only and no double points shall be awarded.

Grants by ATF for conducting ATT tournaments

A, one time , grant of USD1000 would be given to 1 vote and 2votes nations for hosting 1st open tournament in any prize money category.

Asian Player Identification Number (APIN)

Each player participating in the ATT, will be required to obtainAPIN, online, from ATT website. The players can easily obtain the APIN by filling in the required information and uploading copy of passport or copy of National Identity card issued by government. Only players with passport/ identity card of 44 ATF affiliated countries will be able to obtain the APIN. APIN will be valid for 1 calendar year and would attach a yearly fee of US$ 20.

Tournament Week

A uniform schedule of tournament will be followed across for all the events. The signin will take place on Saturday(7pm to 9pm local time) . Qualifying to run on Sunday and Monday,while the Main draw will run from Tuesday to Saturday.

Officiating Requirements

The tournaments will be required to have a reduced officiating requirements to curtail the cost for the tournaments organizers. All the tournaments to have a referee with minimum certification as white badge. Experienced Chair umpire is a must for all the main draw matches.

Recommended Fees for White referee would be asfollows: -­‐ ØØ For USD3000 and USD6000 tournaments-­‐ USD 300 ØØ For USD 10000 tournaments-­‐ USD 550

The fees will be in addition to the air fare and the hospitality.

For nations who do not have white badge officials to act as referee in the ATT tournaments, ATF will arrange for a white badge official for these tournamentsand sanction an officiating grant of USD550 to part cover the white badge expenses. Other costs to be borne by the host nation.

Organizational requirements

vv A Tournament Director is to be appointed by the host nation, toliaise with the players and ATF and to oversee the smooth conduct of the tournament.

vv An English speaking sports medicine trainer should be available on site to assist players with the medical needs on site, at all times. A doctor on call should also be available.

vv ITF approved balls to be used for matches. Minimum of 4 balls to be used for all main draw matches, changing at 13/ 15 games. For Qualifying matches 4 balls to be usedand balls are to be changed only before the final set ( final round only, as the other rounds will havea match tie break in place of final set). Used balls to be made available for the players for practice during the tournaments.

vv A stringer is to be provided on site during the match days.

vv If artificial lights are to be used, it should be minimum of 500 lux, evenly spread throughout the court.

vv ITF rules of Tennis and ATT code of conduct to be in force during the tournaments.

vv Sanction fees payable by nations to ATF for hosting ATT tournaments will be as follows

  • For USD 3000 tournaments-­‐ USD 100o For USD 6000 tournaments-­‐ USD 200
  • For USD10000 tournaments-­‐ USD 500

Prize Money

Prize money will be paid in US$, unless approved by ATT office, with due tax deductions as per applicable law of the counties.

Entry Fees

Entry fees for USD10000 events will be USD20 perplayer for main draw and qualifying. For the other events Entry fees will be USD 20 per player for main draw and USD 10 per player for Qualifying.

Match Format

All main draw matches and final round ofqualifying will be played best of 3 tie break sets.The other round of qualifying matches will be played best of 3 sets, first 2 sets being normal tie break sets, while a 10 point match tie break being played in lieu of final set in case score becomes one set all.

Draw Sizes

Event Main Draw Qualifying Draw
USD 3000 closed Event 32 32/64
USD 3000 open Event 32 32/64
USD 6000 open Event 32 32/64
USD 10000 open Event 16/32 32/64

Acceptance of players

The players will be selected based on the following priority of rankings in order:-­‐ vv ATP/WTA ranking

vv ITF World ranking

vv ITF World Junior ranking

vv National ranking

vv Unranked

Seeding to be done purely on ATP/WTA ranking only. From Calendar year2020 first priority will be Asian Ranking.

Composition of Draw

Draw size Main Draw-­‐16 Main Draw 32 Qualifying-­‐32 Qualifying -­‐64
Direct 8 18 26 56
Junior Exempt 2 6 None None
Wildcard 2 4 6 8
Qualifiers 4 4 NA NA


Entry and Withdrawal deadlines

All entry and withdrawal will be done online, through APIN log in by the players. No emails will be accepted.Real time entries will be available for the players at given time.

Entry deadline will be 12:00 Indian time 14 days prior to tournament Monday and withdrawal deadline will be 12:00 Indian Time 7 days prior to tournament Monday.

Players will be permitted to enter only one tournament in one week, with no exception.

Freeze deadline will be 12:00 Indian Time on Thursday prior to tournament Monday.

ATT Ranking

The players will be given ATT points for participating in the ATT tournaments, based on the point table as listed below. Further the points of the players earned by virtue of participating in ITF world ranking Tournaments will also be converted to ATT ranking points, to arrive at the final ATT ranking points.

The ATT Ranking will become important as, the Asian ranking will serve as basis for allotting wild cards into higher level of professional tournaments, like challengers, across Asia from time to time. The first series of Wild cards will happen in the year 2020, which will be given to top 10 playersbased on year end ranking. 10 wild cards will behanded to top 10 male players into ATP challengers across Asia in 2020 ( 1 to each of the top 10 players). Further 10 top female players will receive 1 wildcard each into ITF Women’s 25K or above tournaments in the year 2020.

ATT Ranking Points


USD3000-­‐Closed USD3000-­‐Open USD 6000 USD 10000
Winner 40 50 75 100
Runner Up 25 35 45 60
Semi Finalist 15 18 25 35
Quarter Finalist 7 9 14 20
2nd Round 4 5 7 0/9
1st Round 2 2 2 4
Final Qualifying 1 1 1 3
Players qualifying will get 2 additional points in all level of tournaments

Prize Money


USD3000 (32) USD 3000(32) USD 6000(32)
Winner 450 450 900
Runner Up 300 300 600
Semi Finalist 175 175 350
Quarter Finalist 125 125 250
Round of 16 75 75 150
Round of 32 50 50 100
Final Qualifying None None None



USD 10000
Singles (USD8000) Doubles (USD2000)/ Team
Winner 1700 550
Runner Up 1000 350
Semi Finalist 600 250
Quarter Finalist 375 150
Round of 16 250 None
Final Qualifying 75 None


The tax will be deducted from the above prize money as per the applicable laws of host nation.

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