Qualifiers – Davis Cup Juniors Asia/Oceania Final Qualifying Event 2024

Asian Tennis Federation is pleased to announce plans for the resumption of Asian 14 & Under tour and the tour is set to resume in the week commencing 18th January 2021.

To start the resumption of the circuit for the first 3 months of 2021 i.e., till 31st March 2021 only Category 2.

An additional Grade “2A” is being introduced for the first 3 months of 2021. The 14 & under national events of a country could be run as part of ATF 14 & under circuit with reduced ATF ranking points in the countries facing strict lockdown and where there is complete ban on inbound foreign travel. These tournaments will be run by the National Associations in totality and the results will need to be sent to ATF office to award points to the players. A nation will be permitted to conduct only 4 Grade 2A tournaments.

In order to support a safe return to 14 & under circuit, the ATF has devised protocols for all tournament hosts and participants that aim to mitigate the risk of exposure to, and spread of, Covid-19. The protocols will be updated on a regular basis as the global situation regarding Covid-19 continues to change.

Any tournament which goes ahead once the tour resumes must follow Covid 19 protocols. In case where the local government requirements are higher than what is specified in the ATF protocols, the local government requirements must be followed at all times.

Category 2A events at  Asian 14 & under circuit.

A new category of event is being permitted till 31st march 2021, which is being formulated due to covid-19 pandemic and are not formulated in the ATF 14& under rule book.  This would make a National ATF 14 & under event a Category 2A event in ATF 14 & under circuit. As the name suggest this would-be additional category, below the current lowest category 2 event, and open only for the domestic players of a country.

A nation can conduct 4 of these National ATF & under events, which would be over and above the maximum number of ATF 14 & under tournaments a nation was entitled to conduct earlier.

These tournaments will come with additional features and will be controlled by an additional set of policies, which will override those specific existing provision in rules and regulations of 14 & under circuit.

  • The entries for these tournaments will be restricted to the domestic players from the host nation only and no players from overseas will be allowed to enter or participate.
  • The players will have to enter and withdraw from ATF website online, for which valid IPIN and ATF account will be required.
  • Tournament application deadline would be 6 weeks before the Monday of the week of the tournament.
  • Singles would run on the format as defined format in rules of the circuit. Doubles would be optional at the discretion of the organizers. However, there would be no ATF 14 & under doubles points awarded to the players.
  • Main draw will be of 32 while the Qualifying draw will be restricted to maximum draw size of 64. The tournament will be played with consolation draw.
  • These national tournaments will be conducted by the respective nations, but must adhere to the minimum required standard of ATF 14 & under circuit.
  • It will be responsibility of the nations to the send the draws in required format and other relevant information to the ATF 14 & under office before Thursday the following week.
  • The ranking points will be reduced as compared to the category 2 events and will be 50% of the singles points of Category 2 event.
  • ATF 14& under office will be final decision-making authority in case of any discrepancies.

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