Qualifiers – Davis Cup Juniors Asia/Oceania Final Qualifying Event 2024

For past many years the young stars of 14 & under boys and girls from Asia have been going  on a 5 tournament swing to Europe, which was part of GSDF project for development of tennis in Asia. This tour has always been looked upon as a big motivation for the talented boys and girls looking to further grow their careers in future.

Many kids have reaped rich benefit from this tour, both in terms of tennis skill development as well in terms of personality development. The Asian team of 5 boys and 5 girls along with 2 coaches last went in 2019 , while the tour had to be cancelled in 2020 due to the widespread pandemic .

ITF/ ATF have been constantly working very closely for last few months on this project and have been hopeful to make this tour happen in 2021.

However we wish to inform everyone, that despite all the best efforts , the Asian 14 & under team to Europe will be unable to travel in 2021 as well due to restrictions and ongoing difficulties of travel due to the pandemic. 

The tour involved 5 weeks of tournaments in various countries like France, Germany and Belgium.

There are strict quarantine measures being enforced by the respective nations ranging from 7-14 days, which makes it virtually impossible for the players to travel from one nation to another and participate in back-to-back tournaments.  Further, keeping in mind the safety and security of the players and the coaches, and waiting till the very last , ITF  has decided to call off this GSDF funded project of Asian Team to Europe for this year.

We hope that Nations would understand and appreciate the decision.

ATF is very hopeful that the situation will improve fast over next few weeks and we shall be able to go ahead with many more of the ATF/ ITF projects which have been planned for the benefit of the players.

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